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Mowing is the single most important part of lawn care. It accounts for nearly 70% of how your grass grows, far outweighing watering or any other common practice. Mowing frequency is the single most important aspect of mowing.
Under most conditions, in most parts of the country, mowing at least once a week is the minimum for healthy grass. Mowing more often will produce better results; mowing less often will produce worse results. It is very simple. The more you mow, the better the product.

The Reasons
1. The more frequently you mow, the “tighter” your lawn will become, because the grass will start to grow laterally rather than upward. This will create a more resilient lawn with more competition for weeds.
2. Mowing more frequently provides less cover for insects, less cover means fewer pests.
3. As a result of the tightening of the turf, it will be more durable as well. Mowing heavily trafficked areas more frequently can help to prevent those ugly bald spots in your lawn.
4. Since there is less leaf blade to transpire water, the lawn will need less water, and irrigation can become less frequent.
5. Less frequent irrigation will help to keep fungus and bugs from becoming a problem.
6. The clippings you have will be smaller, and will degrade more quickly, putting more nitrogen and organic matter back into the soil, so less fertilizer is needed to keep the lawn green and healthy.
7. Thatch, and the insects that use it for cover, will be less of a problem.
8. The need for bagging will disappear.
9. It will help your lawn to be healthier, and healthy lawns ward off lawn disease bugs, weeds, and fungus, can withstand more traffic, and suffer less from insect damage, recovering more quickly when these problems do occur.
10. You will have fewer weed problems, because they can’t go to seed between mowing’s, and because the weeds will be competing with a healthy opponent.

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Bed Care & Mulching

Proper mulch applications play several important roles in your fowerbeds/gardens, from weed suppression to temperature regulation. It also maintains moisture levels around plants, providing for a healthier landscape. As part of your flower bed design or maintenance, we can lay down the mulch of your choice. If using a maintenance plan we can also be sure the beds are properly maintained throughout the contract.

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The value of an automatic sprinkler system is relative to the intensity of maintenance and aesthetics desired. If you already manually water your lawn regularly and you want a moderate to highly manicured lawn, it is worth it. A proper sprinkler system saves time, money, conserves water, and helps achieve a lush, green lawn that you will be proud of with minimal to no effort.

Over time, a lawn sprinkler system will pay for itself. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of our custom designed irrigation systems providing head to head coverage & eliminating overwatering. Eliminating overwatering means no runoff, no more forgotten sprinklers, or having to water the driveway just to get a patch of grass. A properly watered lawn is also healthier and less vulnerable to stress, pests, & weed infestation.

Furthermore, when you use Stuckey’s Contract Services to install your irrigation you get quality. As licensed irrigation specialists, we only use the best products & techniques for the job. Sometimes this may cost a little more upfront but ends up saving much more money over time since you won’t have as many broken heads or pipes.

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Herbicide/ Weed Control

There are two main types of herbicide: Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent. Pre-emergent herbicides act upon weed seeds/seedlings or form a barrier in the soil to prevent weed seed germination or establishment. Pre-emergents are usually used in the spring to prevent most weeds from establishing when the soil temperatures begin to warm up. Post-emergent herbicides work on actively growing weeds.

As licensed applicators, SCS has access to the most effective herbicides & fungicide to best treat your lawn, whether it is for routine sprayings or a single targeted application.

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Drainage & Grading

Good drainage in the landscape is as important as proper irrigation. Too much water in landscaped areas can result in numerous plant diseases and can even kill sensitive plants like expensive evergreens. Overly wet turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment. In addition, drainage around buildings is important to prevent leaks and moisture intrusion into building foundations and walls.

Proper grading is the foundation of your new lawn. When not done correctly you are more likely to have drainage issues as well as unwanted low spots scattered along the yard. This is not only unsightly but also can be a sprained ankle waiting to happen. There is no reason to invest money into turf establishment or high end landscaping if you’re not going to first remedy any improper grading or drainage.

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Tree Services

Maintaining your trees and large shrubs is very important to their overall health. Proper trimming throughout the year promotes growth & allows you to determine the shape in with your tree will grow. Pruning also helps a tree develop better resistance during rough weather. When a tree is properly "thinned out" it can sustain more from high winds. As a result of proper pruning, you avoid future damage to the tree and/or the surrounding property.

While we try to preserve and protect our trees, there are regularly instances where tree removal is necessary. Because of the high amount of risk involved in tree removal both to individuals and their property, it is important to utilize a company with the experience and insurance to perform this process. Once the tree has been cut, SCS can also provide stump-grinding services to ensure a clear location for future planting or other recreational uses. During the tree removal and stump grinding process, our team will also remove all debris generated from the project, leaving the area clean and safe for the client.

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