Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are materials (Both liquids and solids) which can be added to existing soil to improve its physical or chemical properties. Unlike fertilizers, the exact ingredients and chemical composition of soil amendments vary among different sources. Soil amendments can be used to modify the soil pH, replace depleted organic matter, or improve the permeability and water retention characteristics of your soil.

We regularly sendoff soil samples to a third-party lab to be tested so we are able to evaluate the current conditions of any site and then implement a program that will best benefit your site.

Several construction sites have depleted soils with low organic matter that require more than just fertilizer and other amendments to establish vegetation. 

Placing costly imported topsoil over depleted soils has historically been the preferred option to establish vegetation. However, using ProGanics on challenging and difficult to access sites will not only save money and time, but will also provide a growing medium that helps establish vegetation. In fact, two tank loads of ProGanics provides the same amount of organic and soil-building components as thirty-six truckloads of topsoil.