Satisfied Clients

We take pride in our work and it shows. Below are just a few our our satisfied clients and success stories featuring many of our satisfied clients.
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  • Aardex, LLC
  • B-5 Construction
  • B & C Construction
  • B & R Contractors
  • B & R Septic & Water Well
  • Bay Utility, LLC
  • Bentwater
  • Beyer Construction
  • Boyer, Inc.
  • Brae Burn Construction Co.
  • Bullseye Construction
  • CE Barker, Ltd
  • Canyon Construction Co.
  • Clearwater Utilities, Inc.
  • CND Contractors, Inc.
  • Construction EcoServices
  • Cooley Construction, LLC
  • Creative Landscapes of Texas
  • Crostex Construction, Inc.
  • Cypress Lake Estates
  • Cypress Landscape
  • D & J Construction
  • D/Kon Construction, Inc.
  • Double Oak Construction, Inc.
  • Earth Excavation & Clearing
  • Embark Services
  • Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd, Inc.
  • Espinoza Landscape
  • Eubank Excavation
  • Gleannloch Landscaping
  • Hu­co Services
  • Hurtado Construction Co.
  • JAHO
  • Jerrico Construction
  • Jimerson Underground
  • Jordan General Contractors
  • Kenneth Lamb Construction
  • Kingsley Contractors
  • Chimney Hill MUD
  • Grand Mission MUD 1
  • Harris County Flood Control District
  • Harris County MUD 23
  • Harris County MUD 150
  • Harris County MUD 156
  • Harris County MUD 172
  • Harris County MUD 173
  • Harris County MUD 344
  • Harris County MUD 358
  • Harris County MUD 374
  • Harris County WCID 155
  • Memorial Springs Detention Pond
  • Mills Road MUD
  • Montgomery County MUD 18
  • North Point WC&ID
  • NW Harris County MUD 15
  • Severn Trent Services
  • Fairfield HOA
  • City of Lake Jackson
  • City of Magnolia
  • City of Shenandoah
  • Montgomery County Precinct 2
  • Friendswood Development Co.
  • Je­erson Development Co.
  • L.M. Development, L.P.
  • & O Development, LTD
  • Riverstone Development Co.
  • United Development Funding
  • Windfern Lane Properties, LLC
  • Katy Prairie Mitigation Co., LLC
  • Land Mechanic Designs
  • Restoration Systems
  • Firethorne
  • A & S Engineering
  • Bleyl & Associates
  • Jones & Carter, Inc.
  • JSL Engineering & Construction
  • Liftwater Construction Inc.
  • Litconco, Inc.
  • Long & Son, Inc.
  • Lonnie Lischka Co.
  • Marlon Ivy & Associates
  • Maverick Contractors
  • McKinney Construction
  • Mike’s Maintenance
  • MRE Builders, LTD
  • NJ Services
  • North Harris Trucking
  • Nunn Construction
  • Park Construction Associates, LLP
  • Peltier Brothers Construction, LTD
  • Perennial Landscaping
  • Picco Coatings Co.
  • Preload Inc.
  • Quality Erosion Control, LLC
  • Rebel Contractors, Inc.
  • Red Oak Yard Services
  • Red Rock Construction Group
  • Richards Total Backyard Solutions
  • Ridgewood Landscaping
  • Rosenberger Construction
  • Sand Lots Sports
  • SMG Paving
  • Sowell & Company
  • Spring Nursery & Landscape
  • Statewide Services
  • Storm Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Storm Water Solutions
  • T & R Pipeline Construction, Inc.
  • Tejas Underground
  • Terbo Construction
  • TMK Enterprise
  • Town & Country Excavation
  • Tropical Contracting
  • Williams Landscape

Success Stories

Cindy Albers, Jones & Carter, Inc. -
Since its inception, Stuckey's Contract Services (SCS) has been my first choice in contractors for side slope stabilization, seeding and fertilization applications, storm water quality management, and all around channel and slope repairs. Linda, Troy and their staff are honest, trustworthy and fair. Linda’s management skills plus Troy’s expertise in the field are hard to beat! Having SCS on a job means peace of mind that my client's best interests are being looked out for and the job will be done right the first time. These qualities are not always easy to find in a contractor. SCS definitely "ex-seeds my expectations" every time.

Wayne Meyer/Robert White, Jefferson DevelopmentCo./Firethorne/Coles Crossing -
The best thing about Troy is that he knows construction and the construction business, and he uses this knowledge to protect the interest of his client. He knows what will work and what will not work. This saves us time and money, which is always important.

Tommy Weaver, Friendswood Development Co./Fairfield/HCWCID 155 -
I have been working with Troy Stuckey since 2003. Troy has an exceptional knowledge of the land development industry - especially channels, detention ponds, utilities and paving. He doesn't tell you "what you want to hear" - he tells you "what you need to know." Their whole team is trustworthy and dependable and the will definitely "EX-SEED" your expectations! I would highly recommend them for any work dealing with turf management and/or construction inspection services. I have been involved in the land development business for over thirty years in the Houston area and there is no one better than Stuckey’s Contract Services.

Ed Gill, Park Construction -
I have worked with Linda & Troy for years and the way they do business is not easily found anymore. What is best for the client is always top priority. Using SCS assures a job will be completed on time and with great results always "ex-seeding" expectations. Linda’s ability to operate the company at a competitive level coupled with Troy's knowledge of the construction industry saves careless mistakes ensuring all cost will be minimized. It is a pleasure to have worked with the Stuckey family & strongly recommend them to anyone else!

Mike Whitlock, Maverick Contractors -
Linda & Troy have always been fair & done a fantastic job. If you want quality, Stuckey's Contract Services is the way to go! I can't say enough about their company.

John Bleyl/Stan Cooper,
Bleyl & Associates/ Bentwater
We have worked with Stuckey's Contract Services for several years. They are always responsive and provide quality service at competitive prices!


Harris County WC&ID 155 Board of Directors-Since SCS has taken over the maintenance of our drainage ditches, they have improved considerably. As directors, we like the fact that they work so closely with both the developer and our engineer. Stuckey's is consistent in observing the conditions of the district and providing detailed information in their monthly reports about potential concerns. Everyone from Troy & Linda, to their sons and their hands in the field pay attention to the details. Their company treats its clients with the highest respect and does the work as if their reputation depended on it. Superior job done in our district!

Bob Adair, Construction EcoServices -
The bottom line on Troy & Linda Stuckey is that they are some of the finest people I know, and Stuckey's Contract Services has been one of our most reliable and dependable subcontractors for nearly four years. We can count on them to be there when we need them and to stand behind their work.

As manufacturer-trained applicators of Flexterra FGM, they understand how to apply a product for which the application rate and process is critically important to a successful installation. We wouldn't hesitate to give them the highest recommendation to anyone that might ask.

Stephen Peltier, Peltier Brothers Construction -
I have known Linda, Troy, and their three sons, Billy, Travis, and Shane for twelve years personally and through our construction business. Linda, and Troy have put together a very solid family business in Stuckey's Contract Services. The family values really show in their work. The boys know what it takes to do a good job, and work hard to accomplish just that. Stuckey's Contract Services always stands behind their work and has a bright future.

Lyndell Berry/Alan Wright/David Conn,
Clearwater Utilities/Liftwater Construction
- Stuckey's Contract Services is a reliable family oriented company that has done numerous seeding/hydromulch projects for us for several years. We have always been pleased with the results SCS provides and will continue to use them for our erosion control needs in the future.

Connard & Sherry Barker, CE Barker, Ltd. -
Stuckey's has always exceeded our expectations in every way. Great products & excellent service. They are good people, and they stand behind their product. Stuckey's Contract Services is highly recommended!

We look forward to adding you to our list of success stories!